Wolfgang Ganser has joined MBA Polymers Group already in 2007, being responsible as Managing Director for setting up the production facility in Kematen, Austria with a recycling capacity of 40.000 tons/annum, where he generated a turnover of 22 million EUR, when he left 2019. In the meantime he was Managing Director for Elektrorecykling S.A., one of the leading recyclers of waste electrical and electronic equipment in Poland, treating 60.000 tons of Electronic Waste (WEEE) p.a. On 1st of May Wolfgang Ganser has re-joined MBA Polymers, acting as COO and responsible for the production facility in Germany, global sales, and expansion of the group in Europe and Asia.

MBA Polymers is the pioneer in plastic recycling and established more than 25 years ago, has set up five factories globally having recycled more than 2 million tons of end-of-life plastics in total. Together with it’s Licensee MBA Polymers UK and MBA Polymers India, the group offers a wide range of post-consumer plastics like ABS, PS, PP and PC/ABS. Global sales will be coordinated by MBA Polymers by Wolfgang Ganser and his team.

Dr. Felix-Michael Weber, CEO and representant of the major shareholder: “I am glad that Wolfgang, one of the most experienced managers in the flied of the production of post-consumer plastics re-joined MBA Polymers Group to develop our activities further – Welcome home Wolfgang!”

22 – 23 June 2022, Amsterdam, Netherlands, MBA Polymers will introduce its Choosing-The-Loop approach and latest product portfolio during the Plastic Recycling Show Europe. We are glad to introduce and discuss our latest recycling technologies, strategies & sustainable materials solutions in the field of post-consumer recycling. Welcome to our stall Nr A 92 in Amsterdam. To set up meetings mail to: pessl@mbapolymers.com

30 Nov – 1 Dec 2021, Frankfurt, Germany, MBA Polymers will introduce its Choosing-The-Loop approach and latest product portfolio during the E-Waste World Conference Expo. We are glad to introduce and discuss our latest recycling technologies, strategies & sustainable materials solutions in the field of post-consumer recycling. As official sponsor MBA Polymers will present  the climate impact of our disruptive innovations implemented over the last 25 years in the five facilities we have build in the US, China, Austria,  UK and Germany. Welcome to our stall Nr 306 in Frankfurt. To set up meetings mail to: info@mbapolymers.com




Jürgen Pessl has joined MBA Polymers Group already in 2015, being responsible for Sales and Key-account management for MBA Polymers Austria. Now he is responsible developing our new production facility in Germany further and acting as COO for the expansion of the group. MBA Polymers Germany has commissioned its new plant in in Mauna-Meissen in Saxony already in 2020 and is recycling currently 50 tons of post-consumer plastics per day, focusing on the production of ABS, PS, HDPE and PP. MBA Polymers is the pioneer in plastic recycling and established nearly 25 years ago, has set up five factories globally having recycled more than 2 million tons of end-of-life plastics in total.  

Letsrecycle.com Award for Excellence in Recycling and Waste Management goes to MBA Polymers‘s Licensee in the UK. The Award, which aims to show recognition of a plastics recycling business, operating in the UK who demonstrate good practices and service in a consistent and thorough way for its customers, was chosen by an Independent Judging Panel .

Dr. Felix-Michael Weber, CEO of MBA Polymers Inc: Congratulations to our UK partners and their team! MBA Polymers will continue to eliminating plastic waste and preventing the depletion of the world’s natural resources. We believe this award will help that more customers will realise the advantages using post-consumer plastics, produced at the factories build by MBA Polymers in the UK, as well as Austria and Germany. MBA Polymers is motivated to continue its global expansion.

MBA Polymers Inc. took over a new production site in Mauna near Dresden on July 19th, 2019. The site in Germany is held by the subsidiary MBA Polymers Germany GmbH. It will be MBA Polymers 5th recycling facility using its patented process producing a state-of-the art post-consumer plastic. With this facility MBA Polymers makes use of the growing quantities of WEEE in Germany and Europe and the global demand for post-consumer plastics.

MBA Polymers is expanding its activities in this promising region. It plans to hire initially 20 specialists in the field of material flow and quality management. From January 2020 onwards 17.500 metric tons of WEEE will be processed in Mauna annually. The new site covers an area of 16.000 m2, of which 5.500 m2 is production space. In the high-tech plant, post-consumer plastics (ABS, HIPS, PP and PC/ABS) are extracted from WEEE. The material is further separated and processed into high-quality plastics in exceptionally complex and in-house developed processes. MBA Polymers is aiming to further expand its production activities in Germany.

“We being present in Germany, a promising market for post-consumer plastic recycling. I am looking forward commissioning MBA Polymers 5th plant beginning of 2020 in Saxonia and further reduce global CO2 emissions by replacing virgin plastics” said Felix-Michael Weber, CEO of MBA Polymers Inc. 

Plastics reprocessor MBA Polymers UK announces the acquisition of Dover-based automotive plastics recycler, PPR Wipag.

Formed in 1995, PPR Wipag specialises in the processing of post-industrial plastics from the automotive industry. This includes multi-layered parts such as car bumpers and dashboards which it converts into closed loop resins.

MBA Polymers UK is a specialist in the processing of post-consumer plastics from Automotive Shredder Residue (ASR) and Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE).

As part of the acquisition PPR Wipag will become MBA Polymers UK’s post-industrial arm.

MBA Polymers UK is a production unit at Worksop in Nottinghamshire build by MBA Polymers in 2010 and transferred to the licensee and cooperation partner EMR Group in 2018.

Outputs are compounded at the facility into high quality virgin replacement polymer grades which is sold under the MBA Polymers brand worldwide.

Dr. Felix-Michael Weber, CEO of MBA Polymers Inc. says that the acquisition supports the company’s long-term growth strategy to increase its product portfolio and provide a “complete closed loop offering”.

“The merger will bring benefits and new opportunities and is the ideal solution for the evolution of our business. We are now in the position to offer a true “cradle to grave” recycling solution to the Automotive Industry in the UK & beyond.” says Paul Mayhew, MBA Polymers UK general manager.

On 17.01.2019 the European Patent office issued a new process patent to MBA Polymers Inc with Nr EP14707916.4: Process and Requirement for the recovery of plastics from durable goods (ASR, ESR, WSR). Application was initiated in 2014. Representative Lawyer Robert Frick, Partner of  Lorenz Seidler Gossel, Munich, Germany.

MBA Polymers Inc founded a fully owned subsidiary in India in order to develope a waste management and post-consumer plastic production unit in Pune, India. The new MBA plant shall utilise up to 100.000 mt of electronic and automotive plastic waste in order to produce post consumer plastic for the booming Indian and Asian market. MBA Polymers is targeting to service new Indian customers and its international customer from 2019 onwards. MBA Polymers Inc has appointed Mr Piyush Brahmin and Hansel Scherz as the Technical and Commercial General Manger.

Worksop based plastics recycling company, MBA Polymers, is set to increase its production capacity on October 1st 2017. This increase will create 8 new jobs and result in an additional 600 metric tonnes of mixed plastic being diverted from landfill.

MBA Polymers UK, which recycles plastics from automotive shredder residue (ASR) and waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE), has reported an increase in demand for all of its products. In particular, Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS) and Polystyrene (PS), which is sold into a variety of applications including automotive interiors, electronics and cosmetic casings, are in high demand from Europe and the US.

“This is an exciting step for MBA Polymers. The increase in capacity will accommodate the extra demand for product, whilst also allowing us to explore new product development”, said Paul Mayhew, MBA Polymers General Manager.

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Notes to editors

MBA Polymers Inc., is a world leader in the production of post-consumer recycled plastics. We source 100% of our feedstock from post-consumer goods diverted from landfill or incineration, and our proprietary process means that a single tonne of our recycled product saves approximately 4.8 tons of CO2 compared with the manufacture of virgin materials.

MBA Polymers UK is a JV with EMR (European Metal Recycling), one of the world’s largest metal recyclers with approximately 170 facilities globally. Please visit EMR’s website http://emrgroup.com/ for more information on the Group and recent developments.

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