MBA Polymers acquires new recycling plant for electronic equipment waste in Saxony, Germany

MBA Polymers Inc. took over a new production site in Mauna near Dresden on July 19th, 2019. The site in Germany is held by the subsidiary MBA Polymers Germany GmbH. It will be MBA Polymers 5th recycling facility using its patented process producing a state-of-the art post-consumer plastic. With this facility MBA Polymers makes use of the growing quantities of WEEE in Germany and Europe and the global demand for post-consumer plastics.

MBA Polymers is expanding its activities in this promising region. It plans to hire initially 20 specialists in the field of material flow and quality management. From January 2020 onwards 17.500 metric tons of WEEE will be processed in Mauna annually. The new site covers an area of 16.000 m2, of which 5.500 m2 is production space. In the high-tech plant, post-consumer plastics (ABS, HIPS, PP and PC/ABS) are extracted from WEEE. The material is further separated and processed into high-quality plastics in exceptionally complex and in-house developed processes. MBA Polymers is aiming to further expand its production activities in Germany.

“We being present in Germany, a promising market for post-consumer plastic recycling. I am looking forward commissioning MBA Polymers 5th plant beginning of 2020 in Saxonia and further reduce global CO2 emissions by replacing virgin plastics” said Felix-Michael Weber, CEO of MBA Polymers Inc.