Small Steps Project: supporting people living on rubbish


Many of the world’s top celebrities recently stepped forward to raise funds for people living on landfill by donating their shoes to the biggest charity shoe auction of the year. Organised by UK-based humanitarian charity the Small Steps Project, the auction has seen stars from Olympic runner Usain Bolt to Star Wars actress Natalie Portman part with their footwear in support of this worthy cause. The charity revealed in December 2014 that its latest auction raised £43,573.

The Small Steps Project provides emergency aid, shoes and food to children and communities living on municipal rubbish dumps around the world. Having provided items to protect people from the immediate dangers, it then helps children to take steps into education and adults into employment. Small Steps’ projects are located in Cambodia, Laos, Nicaragua and Indonesia.

In addition to its annual Celebrity Shoe Auction, the charity runs regular campaigns throughout the year and makes documentary films to raise awareness of the plight of people living on the world’s rubbish.

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