MBA Polymers launches its first Corporate Responsibility Report


We’re pleased to announce that MBA Polymers has produced its first ever Corporate Responsibility Report. Through the new report, which can be found on our website, we share our sustainability vision and outline the policies we have in place to protect the environment and keep employees safe at our plants in China, Austria and the UK.

The report explains our integrated management system for health, safety and welfare, details our environmental commitments and covers our approach to being a good neighbour and exceeding customer expectations. Further, we also explore how MBA is contributing towards the transition to a circular economy.

Nearly 95% of the world’s top 250 companies now produce a corporate responsibility report, according to a 2013 survey by KPMG. Increasingly, smaller companies are taking up the challenge and proving that they are equally as committed to disclosing their social and environmental impacts as corporate giants. And as corporate reporting shifts towards value creation, more businesses are gearing up to share how they’re contributing positively to society.

“Over MBA’s history we have shown a deep commitment to sustainability and social responsibility,” says MBA CEO Nigel Hunton. “It’s our ‘raison d’être’. We will continue to strive towards our vision by implementing good practice and encouraging a culture of responsibility in every action we take. We hope all our stakeholders find the report useful and informative, and welcome their feedback.”

Please click here to view the report.