EuCertPlast certification for MBA Polymers’ Austrian plant

mba blue angel

MBA Polymers’ customers were given further proof that they’re dealing with a world-class plastics recycling company this month, as the business announced that it has met the international standards of EuCertPlast for its plant at Kematen an der Ybbs, Austria. It is the first post-consumer plastics recycler in Europe to achieve the coveted EuCertPlast Standard.

The certification scheme aims to enhance transparency, improve the traceability of collected post consumer waste and improve the visibility of recycling and trading practices. The Europe-wide initiative is co-financed by the European Commission under the Eco-Innovation Programme.

Companies are only accredited to EuCertPlast following rigorous assessment of working practices and careful consideration of the quality of input and output achieved by an audited recycler. EuCertPlast’s experts monitor the entire recycling process, from the input of waste material to the creation of the final recycled product and also check that the manufacturer has the necessary permits for stages such as stock management, the recycling process and output. Only when a business has met all of EuCertPlast’s stringent requirements is the accreditation granted.

In order to ensure they gained the accreditation, specialists at MBA Polymers’ Austrian site developed a system of compliance and implemented a raft of new best-practice operational procedures. The site has also pledged to further reduce its environmental footprint by instigating regular reviews of working practices and putting continuous improvement at the heart of the business.

Products promoted under the Blue Angel scheme

Crucially, the new certification will allow MBA Polymers’ customers to promote their products under The Blue Angel banner, a German certification which supports consumers in making the most environmentally friendly purchasing choices – domestically or in business – by highlighting the most ecologically sound products on the market.

The scheme aims to protect the environment and empower the consumer by giving clients confidence that companies really do adhere to best practice environmental standards. The Blue Angel is the first and oldest environment-related label for products and services in the world and is recognised as a clear sign of environmental quality worldwide.

In order to promote their products as certified under the Blue Angel scheme, MBA Polymers’ customers must submit an application to the Blue Angel scheme’s awarding agency – RAL gGmbH – and provide evidence that the plastic they are using is provided by MBA Polymers and that their product also meets the environmental requirements of the standard.

MBA Polymers Chief Executive Nigel Hunton commented, “MBA Polymers has always maintained high quality standards and procedures, but we are very pleased to receive this certification at Kematen. Many of our customers require very stringent environmental procedures these days and this certification sets the standard for these types of procedures and shows our customers that we are operating correctly.”

“Meeting this standard has been an excellent challenge for our team,” said Daniel Forstner, Quality Manager, MBA Polymers, Austria. “We have made improvements in areas such as auditing, process management, addressing areas of non-compliance and taking appropriate action. It is another important step for MBA’s operations in Austria.”