Advanced technology and collaborative approach give MBA the edge in plastics recycling


Quality is everything to us. We know that the quality of our finished products is critical to our customers. The products they’re taking to market must perform in order to be successful. That’s why we operate a stringent quality control process, as our Quality Control Manager, Peter Mackrell, explains in our latest video. What’s more, our keen focus on advanced technology and working in partnership with customers ensures we continue to lead the way in plastics recycling.

Back in the 1950s, Mackrell explains, plastic was often viewed as a ‘cheap alternative’ due to certain durability issues, and that perception still endures today, to some extent. However, he says, MBA Polymers takes every measure to ensure a consistent product that performs as it should.

We check all incoming material for contamination and extract the maximum amount of plastic while removing any contaminated material. We also monitor every step of the process to ensure it’s running correctly, and have a full suite of plastic testing equipment in our laboratory to perform high tech analysis on our finished products. Any problems can be traced, solved and preventative measures put in place.

The recycled plastic pellets we supply are used in a variety of different industries (in horticulture, building and high tech applications, for example) and we can modify the properties of the plastic to suit the purpose in hand. Importantly, we work with our customers to understand their precise needs and produce a range of alternatives.

A great example of this is the work we’ve done with Aeroplas to optimise the plastic used for its flower pots and clothing hangers. By working collaboratively, we adapted our pellets to suit the company’s needs, reducing the brittleness of the plastic to ensure lower melt temperatures, which has enabled it to use less energy at the manufacturing stage.

From a technical standpoint, our patented processes, specialised equipment and rigorous approach to quality control ensure our finished products remain highly effective secondary raw materials in multiple industries.

To view the Peter Mackrell video, please click here.