MBA Polymers to Present at ANTEC® 2016

antec 2016

MBA Polymers will be attending the Society of Plastics Engineer’s Annual Technical Conference (ANTEC®) in Indianapolis, Indiana from May 23-25.

Brian Riise (Director of R&D) will be presenting two papers describing MBA products recovered from end-of-life vehicles and electronics. Brian will present a paper (co-authored with Arthur Schwesig of MBA Polymers Austria) entitled “PC/ABS RECOVERED FROM SHREDDED WASTE ELECTRICAL AND ELECTRONIC EQUIPMENT” is a in the Sustainable Materials and Processes session on May 23. He will then present a paper (co-authored with Peter Mackrell of MBA Polymers UK Ltd. and Amy Pye, Henryk Herman and Gary Stevens of GnoSys Global Ltd., ) entitled “RAPID SPECTRAL MEASUREMENT OF THE MECHANICAL PROPERTIES OF POLYPROPYLENE RECOVERED FROM SHREDDED END-OF-LIFE VEHICLES” in the Polymer Analysis (Spectroscopy) session on May 25.

ANTEC®, produced by the Society of Plastics Engineers, is the largest, most respected and well known technical conference in the plastics industry. As the largest technical conference for plastics in the world for over 70 years, ANTEC® has successfully expanded from U.S. into Europe, India and the Middle East with further expansion to global locations in the coming years.

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