MBA Polymers petition seeks consumer support for more recycled plastics in industry


MBA Polymers has just launched a new petition to seek consumer support for recycled plastics. The petition asks the Department of Business, Innovation and Skills to incentivise manufacturers to specify recycled plastics more often, in keeping with circular economy thinking.

“We know that creating demand for secondary raw materials is very important in terms of creating the right economic conditions for plastics recycling to flourish,” says Mike Biddle, founder, MBA Polymers. “By raising awareness of the issue more widely and seeking consumer support, we hope to give the UK government more ammunition to incentivise manufacturers to increase their use of recycled plastics.”

The new petition explains that using more recycled plastics in manufacturing is a win-win situation for the UK economy and the environment. It takes 75% less energy to make a plastic bottle from recycled plastic compared to using brand new raw materials, for instance. Additionally, we highlight that there’s a multitude of uses for recycled plastic and that some companies are already benefitting by using more secondary raw materials.

“The UK stands to become a world leader in sustainable design and manufacturing, and using more recycled materials could play a decisive part in this,” concludes Biddle.

To read or sign up to our petition, please visit [TBC].