MBA Polymers wins ‘Best SME’ award at the Ethical Corp Responsible Business Awards

Recieving the best s m e award

We were delighted to win the ‘Best SME’ award at this year’s Ethical Corporation Responsible Business Awards. Our Sales Director Gary Claypole accepted the award on MBA’s behalf, adding that it was a great testament to our progress and dedicating it to our employees, for helping to achieve such high profile recognition of our work.

The Ethical Corporation awards were held in London’s Mayfair on 29th September 2014. Nearly 200 sustainability leaders attended, representing companies from multiple industry sectors. Winners on the night included Mars, B&Q, Interface, Nestlé and Santander.

Opening the awards ceremony, Professor Grayson of Cranfield University, who led the judging panel, said that the standard of this year’s entrants had been very high. Just 14 winners were chosen from more than 400 entries, with the judges seeking entries that clearly demonstrated how the company had linked sustainability with commercial objectives. Among Grayson’s fellow judges were Karen Hamilton, Unilever’s Vice President of Global Sustainable Business, and Fran Leedham, Head of Environment and Sustainability at Jaguar Land Rover.

Ethical Corporation’s ‘Best SME’ award was designed to recognise companies with under 250 employees that had innovated in 2013 by creating products or services with a definite social or environmental gain, reinforced by a watertight business case. Clear measurable gains rather than pledges to improve were the key to winning. Commenting on MBA Polymers’ achievements, the judges agreed that “sustainability is at the core of their business” and MBA’s “commitment to sustainability is impressive”.

Indeed, the environmental savings of purchasing our recycled plastic are clear. Making recycled plastic uses just 20% of the energy required to make virgin plastic. We’re helping some of the world’s leading companies to reduce the carbon footprint of their products, cut waste and conserve natural resources. We use high tech, proprietary technology to separate plastic polymers from post-consumer plastic waste, breathing new life into material that would otherwise go to landfill.

And investors continue to show faith in what we’re doing – we received a multi-million pound cash injection earlier this year, which we’re using to scale up the business, including expanding capacity at our UK plant in Worksop by 40%.

To learn more about MBA Polymers and how we transform plastic waste into new raw materials, please visit our website.